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Wednesday February 2nd

Event starts at: 7pm Eastern Time
Online Event
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Wednesday February 2nd
Event starts at 7pm EST
What This Masterclass Is All About:
The most successful business owners, coaches & entrepreneurs in the world know a few secrets:

#1. Body language techniques are pivotal to connecting authentically with prospects & sustainably growing your business

#2  Client acquisition is a science not a guessing game 

#3. Revolutionising the way you communicate is the key to attracting your ideal client and converting consistently

#4. Over 80% of communication is non-verbal, yet this is often overlooked. Those with exceptional interpersonal skills recognise what people are saying without words

#5. Growing or scaling a business takes the right kind of professional guidance from people that have the techniques & know how

 In addition, the unique proven strategies you will learn at this event can be applied to any business to develop awareness of how to approach and handle situations & massively grow your business!
  • ​How ANYONE with a business can learn to connect authentically and convert prospects!
  • ​The Body Language Communication System That Brings In Clients With Ease
  •  Methods to optimise your communication with specific strategies forming the GREATEST tool for growth
  • ​The Little Known Tactics That Can Ensure You Are Fully Present When Communicating To Convert Authentically!
  • Client Connection Makeover: The In-depth Step By Step Process To Optimising Your Communication Skills To Connect & Convert Clients!
  •  Master All Aspects Of Your Business From Client Acquisition To Managing Your Business Whilst You Significantly Scale
  • ​The Art Of Connecting With Clients And Becoming The Dominant Force In Your Industry
  • ​End the worry about having no clients because you lack non-verbal communication skills and start running your business how you always envisioned!
Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended
Why This Event Is Profoundly Different To Any Other Event You Have Attended
  •  It's Being Presented By 'The Ultimate Business Growth Strategist' behind some of the most authentic coaches, business owners & entrepreneurs in the world.
  • ​A Very Unique & Unusual Approach To Using Non-Verbal Communication Techniques To Seriously Scale Your Business (Using Ground-breaking Strategies That Fundamentally Change The Way We Connect, Communicate & Convert)
  • This Isn't Created For Broad Appeal, It's Only For Those Who Seriously Want To Connect Authentically To Make Their Business Thrive In A Sustainable & Ethical Way.
  • Strategies For Success: Use The Power Of My Proven Client Connection Program To Excel Your Business & Thrive.
  • You'll be given the tools to connect authentically and effectively with prospects. Once you master these tactics, you'll become unstoppable!
As a business owner you need sales to grow your business...

Body language techniques show business owners how to connect and create meaningful relationships
Be part of the whole new dynamic in communication and get ahead by shifting old paradigms & ways of converting clients
Who Is This Event For?
People Who Are:
   Business Owners
As a business owner you need sales to grow your business...

Body language techniques show business owners how to connect and create meaningful relationships
Most coaches, who struggle, don't have the right communication skills to consistently convert clients

Develop your body language skills and set yourself up for success!
   Individuals Seeking To Connect
I'll show you the exact ways you can overcome fears, enhance understanding of body language and increase awareness to communicate effectively!

You'll be able to master every principle required to transform & accelerate your business authentically - far beyond your current desires.
When carving out your own path as an entrepreneur, non-verbal communication becomes an integral aspect to master.

Learn the intricacies of adapting to every situation - so you can articulate effectively to convert consistently and grow your business.
   Business Professionals
Communicating clearly is one of the most effective skills you can cultivate as a business professional.

Learn how to empower yourself through non-verbal communication and set your business up for success!
   And YOU!
Do you let sales slip by because you don't feel confident to convert, and worried of sounding 'salesy'?

Let me show you how easy it can be to communicate through body language and connect authentically secure clients with ease.

Many industries are full of noise advising what coaches & business owners should do to attract & convert clients consistently...

While most of them haven't even been there themselves.

Successfully growing and scaling a business takes the right strategies & tactics to communicate and connect authentically...

I know as I've been there and I know that what I teach works.

However, very few people have training in non verbal communications, even though most of our communication is non-verbal....

Time to learn tactics to sustainably grow your business.

Are you ready to connect & convert?

Get My Body Language Communication System That Works For Everyone To Authentically Connect & Convert Clients
Elena Is Endorsed By Successful Entrepreneurs

Stop Feeling Hindered By The Inability To Close Prospects And Start Authentically Communicating To Convert Clients!

Elena has taught hundreds of students...And even been interviewed on TV!

It's time to seriously level up your business with Elena's proven strategies...
Even the best business in the world is nothing without specialised communication techniques for growth.

Check out what Elena's clients have to say about their experience and results working with her...
We have entered a new era:
Many of the old communication methods don’t seem to work anymore...

Bonus For Attending: Steal My Body Language Communication Book
For those who stay for the whole event you will also get the exact copy of my body language communication book "Creating Customers for Life" ready for you to implement instantly! 
Yes, I'm Ready To Close more Clients With A Proven Non-Verbal Communication System
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Date & Time
Wednesday February 2nd

Event starts at: 7pm Eastern Time
Elena Petrescu is a celebrated success trainer and dynamic personal transformation leader. 

Elena is known for her innovative training and down-to-earth approach that quickly helps to transition people from situations of difficulty 
 towards genuine empowerment.

Elena Petrescu inspires and empowers you to Rewire your Mind, Position your Life by Design not by Default, Scale Your Business, Increase Productivity & Generate Lasting Results.

With over fifteen years of financial industry experience, powerful Hypnosis, NLP and Body Language Training she has helped hundreds of individuals overcome challenges and achieve results.
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